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Individual Performer to Leader Development Program

WIT is excited to partner with TLG-Turknett Leadership Group with offering this new development program to the WIT community.  For more than 30 years the Turknett Leadership Group has provided guidance and inspiration to support thousands of people, teams, and companies on their journey of creating leaders who live and lead with integrity, respect, and responsibility. 

Whether you are striving for personal fulfillment, team performance, or organizational excellence, this training will help you discover your path.

This program has been specifically designed to target the individual performer who aspires to be promoted to a leadership position. While individual performance is commendable, the skills required to be an effective leader of people and teams is a skillset that is often overlooked at the time of promotion. Our Individual Performer to Leader program focuses on the essential competencies of a good leader of people and teams. 

These sessions will be conducted virtually over Zoom, facilitated by a Senior Consultant Executive Coach on the TLG staff. 

Are you a company that would like to hold a personalized group training that provides your women employees the essential competencies needed to be a good leader of people and teams?

 If so, contact Kyle Ross

First Session: Manager as Leader of self

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Self-leadership
  • Leading with strengths
  • Communicating Powerfully
  • Executive Presence

 Second Session: Manager as People-Leader

  • Manager vs Leader
  • Leadership Character Model
  • Leader as Coach
  • Difficult conversations

 Third Session: Manager as Team-Leader

  • Psychological safety/Trust
  • Managing conflict
  • Establishing commitment
  • Building accountability
  • Focus on results

Fourth Session: Manager as change-Leader

  • Vision and strategy
  • Influence/Leading up
  • Ownership/Accountability
  • Change Management

Message from Tino

“The TLG team is thrilled to have WIT as our partner to deliver a program that we view as essential for personal contributors aspiring to advance to leadership roles.

Often managers see the “responsibility” side of the equation being the ticket to advancement.  Accountability and results certainly play a role, yet in today’s world, the soft-skills are central to motivating people. 

The TLG program will start with a session that focuses on you, the participant. Understanding yourself, from strengths to opportunities, is the first step. Then we move into how you can establish commitment and build accountabilities.  Results are still the key but how a leader gets there, when they are reliant on their team, is paramount. 

Finally, I had the privilege of being the CEO of TAG for twelve years.  WIT was always an essential strategic partner.  It’s a great honor to be supporting you again.”

-Tino Mantella, CEO
Turknett Leadership Group (TLG)

Program Schedule

Class Dates

Dates: TBD

Class Dates

Dates: TBD
Applications Close Date: TBD

Program Leaders

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D

Senior Consultant

Tino Mantella


Penny Collins

President & CEO

Women in Technology