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Your support enables Women in Technology (WIT) to reach our mission to grow our impact empowering girls and women including those that are disadvantaged to excel in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) from the classroom to the boardroom.

We do this by providing female students in middle school, high school, and college with education, exposure and experience. By sharing the stories of successful professionals across the STEAM fields, we encourage all generations of girls and women to write their future. WIT also supports underserved single mothers through our Single Mother’s Education Program.

Our team of more than 250 volunteers delivers professional development and networking opportunities to our more than 18,000 professionals, and programs at no charge to more than 2,400 students.

WIT is committed to making Georgia the state with the highest percentage of women in the STEAM workforce by providing opportunities that champion women throughout their education and career.

WIT is a tax exempt organization as described by 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code– tax identification number #31-1839582.

For more information about WIT's programs and signature events, please visit MyWit.org for more details.

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Your support enables WIT to reach our mission and grow our impact supporting women and girls in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) from the classroom to the boardroom. Your support also helps WIT’s impact helping underserved women and girls in disadvantaged communities.

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Marianne and Curtis Johnson
Patti Dismukes
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Tracy Garner


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Tracy Ariail
Emily Clay
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Nancy Cox
Christina Critzer
Danielle Cushion
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Herbert Fredrick
DeWayne Griffin
Tiwanna Hayes
Elizabeth Hoemeke
Jean Holley
Derek Johnson
Robbin Jones
Mike Laczynski
Dr. Sandra Magnus 
Valarie Mackey
Michael Manos
Mary Ellen Marcilliat-Falkner 
Krista Marlatt
Andra Milender
Jay Moran
Monika Mueller
Windy Nicholson
Ivie Ogufere
Kitty Reed
Betsy Robinson
Mike Rotondo
Eileen Rumfelt
Shirl Stroeing
Rob Swymer
Julie Talbot Hubbard
Amy Vasquez
Vicki Wright Hamilton
Kim Youngpeter

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Cecilia Mao
Teresa Quandt
Denise Reese


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Candice Alger
Alesia Allen
Molham Aref
Nicole Armstrong
Magali Axson
Dane Bamburry
Sue Belovich
Charryse Bigger
Tina Blount
Lauren Brucker
Marcia Calleja-Matsko
Shirley Cate
Kelley Chester
Susan Clark
Kathy Curry
Renee Dawson
Anne DeBeer
Abi Deepa
Jennifer Dimenna
Mary Ellen Daly
Karen Evans Johns
Sara Flood
Jimmy Fulton
Kati Graff
Meena Hall
Amy Hamilton
Maura Hart
Feryal Hendricks
Mike Hibbison
Brittany Hood
Stacey Howell
Janet Hunter
Catherine Jefferson
Cathi Jo Kuntz
Bob Johnson
Laura Johnson
Shannon Johnston
Kelli Joyner
Ellen Kaiser
Andrea Kando
Sorrell Kim
Amanda King
Laura Laday-Jones
Christopher Lafaire
Lisa Lane
Tabitha Leech
Tamara Lopata
Marla Lowry
Lillie Madali
Tino Mantella
Dan Massey
Randy McBeath
Regina McEwen
Larry McHugh
Lorie Meola
Kenneth Meyers
Twanda Mickle
Andra Milender
Frederic Miskawi
Meredith Moore
Petrina Moore Pervall
Michelle Peters
Nikki Musci
Prakash Muthukrishnan
Mary Myers
Corali Nogueras
Theresa OLeary
Nick Padgett
Amrita Pandey
Ryan Petersen
Sharon Pinkett
Cheryl Pressley
Stephanie Rauls
April Ray
Juan R Perez
William Riddick
Felicia Rives
Darkenia Rogers
Kelly Ross
Mark Seeley 
Roxanne Seymour
Grant Shih
Melanie Shook
Brian Soderholm
Mary Smith
Anup Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas
Sara Thomson
Terry Trout
Carolyn Turknett
Valerie Turner
Dan Webber
Earnest Williams
Michelle Yi

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Jimmy Adams
Rahela Anghel
Ashaki Anthony
Melissa Ashurst
Supreet Bakshi
Kathy Benton
Faith Berger
Karen Boiurne
Dean Bourque
Gkadys Bolding
Tamara Boykin
Hanna Brock
Randie Brooks
Calla Busby
Lisa Caswell
Amber Chellis-Omedo
Anadri Chisolm- Noel
Lauren Colletti
Susan Davis
Barbara Dorsey
June Driscol
Allison Easterby
Leigh Ellis
John Encisco
Denise Foss
Pragnya Gangapuram
Erin Greene
Betsy Guthrie
Sarah Harris
Susan Hitchcock
Natalie Hogg
Stephanie Hogge
Denise Michelle Holder
Toriano Holt
Uyladia Jarmon-Colley
Brenda Johnson
Joy Johnson
Tanuja Kadam
Shagun Kariwala
Jeyashree Krishnamoorthy
Crys Lassiter
Jennifer Laub
Anna Lidzba
Pena Limary
Tina Litzenberger
Brittany Lucas
Alecia Maclin
Laila Majidi
Lisa Marie
Summer Meczkowski
Tasha McCall
Heather Milam
Azeema Mohsin
Zee Norman
Fatou Njie
Ebony Nyenya
Jennifer O'Brien
Mike Pacifico
Kiera Palmer
Tukker Penrod
Christina Poole
Sarah Powell
Kristen Reed
Paula Reese
Cindi Reyes
Ty Rhudy
Kimberly Roberson
David Rogers
Jean Romfo
Lauren Romfo
Jack Rooney
Lori Schoenhard
Donna Seymour
Jenn Sickles
Juanita  Smith
Tiffany Stewart
Marla Stinson
Wassim Suleiman
Michelle Tarvin
Nikole Tesh
Esperanza Thatcher
Lindsey Upchurch
Tracy Walden
Monique Weeks
Erica Weiniger
Gary Westmoreland
Yazmin Wickham
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Maecie Winter
Susan Zankman

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