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About Women In Technology

Women in Technology (WIT) empowers girls and women to excel in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM) from the classroom to the boardroom. We do this by providing our community with education, exposure, and experience.  By sharing the stories of successful professionals across the STEAM fields, we encourage all generations of girls and women to write their future.

Today, WIT has 37,000+ members worldwide and our team of more than 250 volunteers deliver professional development and networking opportunities to each of our professionals and programs at no charge to more than 4,000 students. WIT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we are committed to making Georgia the state with the highest percentage of women in the STEAM workforce by partnering with our community to provide opportunities that champion women throughout their education and career.

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30+ Years of Women in Technology


WIT is an inspirational non-profit that helps support women of all ages to be successful. I’ve become very passionate about the organization because of the leaders and women who tirelessly devote their time to building one another up. I highly recommend any women, of any age, in any stage of their career to get involved. If anything other than finding a united community of like-minded folks, it is worth a visit.”

  • Lily Payne, WIT YoPros Volunteer

I have been associated with Women In Technology as a high school student for the past 4 years. This has been one of my most cherished institutions since it has taught me a lot, both professionally and personally. I have built a strong professional network at WIT, and it has enabled me to get real-world work experience during several job shadow programs, as well as at various events that I have participated in as a Member and as an Ambassador. I highly recommend WIT to any and every high school girl whether or not she is interested in technology, as WIT exposure will open up a new horizon for any impressionable mind, be it a middle schooler, high schooler, or a college student.”

  • Zareenah Ahmed, WIT Girl

“I’ve been a volunteer with Women in Technology for over ten years in various capacities, mostly with the WIT Girls Program. During this time, I have been able to empower women and girls in STEAM. Additionally, my leadership skills have grown tremendously which helps me to be a better leader and team member at work and the community. Being a part of WIT means having a large support system in all that I do and I am proud to be a part of a phenomenal organization.

  • Carrisa Jones, WIT Girls Volunteer

Our Journey

Our Beginning

1992 – WIT is founded

Founded in 1992, Women In Technology (WIT) empowers girls and women at every stage of their STEAM careers – from the classroom to the boardroom. WIT utilizes its programs, connections, volunteer opportunities and events to enable the development of the WIT community through recognition, thought leadership and foundation efforts. WIT is driven to help women and girls write their own stories of success throughout the full lifecycle of their careers and continued evolution as STEAM leaders in Georgia.

1995 – Creation of the executive auction now known as WIT Connect

WIT Connect is one of Atlanta’s most engaging and interactive events for STEAM leaders! For the past 20+ years we’ve auctioned off some of Atlanta’s most highly visible technology executives and raised over $3.2 million to support the development of young girls and the advancement of women in STEAM. WIT Connect is one of the premier fundraising and networking events of the year with over 700 top level executives in the technology field. In addition to our highly anticipated executive auction, it is also an evening where we focus on the mission of WIT. At this event, we highlight our WIT Girls and WIT Campus young women along with the impact WIT programs has had on their advancement in STEAM, which includes scholarship awards.

2000 – Establishment of WIT’s Women of the Year Awards

Each year, Georgia’s STEAM community comes together to identify and honor outstanding women whose accomplishments as technology leaders and whose impact on the community deserve our attention and applause.

2002 – Creation of professional development programs now known as WIT Careers

WIT Careers supports women who are already in technology by offering professional development programs that provide women in STEAM fields with the tools and strategies necessary to support them in their STEAM journeys.

2003 – WIT Girls program is launched

According to the National Science Foundation, America lags behind other nations in the number of students majoring in science and engineering at colleges and universities. To improve this statistic, WIT Girls collaborates with the Georgia business community to support and inspire girls in middle and high school to break through barriers and advance opportunities in STEAM fields.
More To Come

2023 – WIT Technology Uncorked is Launched

Technology uncorked is designed to bringing together senior IT women leaders – who want to be surrounded by other exceptionally bright women leaders – to exchange experiences and knowledge in specific technology area. women sharing what is working, what is not, pitfalls, strategies, and the latest trends and use of technology.