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    Mentorship Programs

At Women In Technology, we understand that women often face unique challenges in their careers and as leaders. That’s why we’ve developed our WIT Mentorship Programs as a comprehensive solution to help women overcome these challenges. Our programs are designed to be tailored to each individual, offering personalized support that caters to their specific needs and goals. Through careful preparation, promotion, and mentoring, our programs equip women with the skills and confidence they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

WIT Campus Next Level Up Group Mentorship Program

The Campus Next Level Up™ Mentorship Program offered by WIT is a unique program developed by Women In Technology focused on high potential college women talent who are seeking to cultivate their academic careers and capacity as leaders. The program is carefully designed to prepare, promote, and mentor women and support their personal and professional development. It is the perfect opportunity to help women build powerful networks, enhance professional relationships and contribute to the effective planning of their careers in preparation for entering the workforce. 

WIT YoPros Mentorship Program

Over the course of 6-months, you will meet with a peer group facilitated by professional coach, Pam Woehrle. Pam brings more than 30 years of experience as a business executive to the table. She is an expert in personalities and leadership styles. Has empathy for the pressure that you’re up against to be decisive and influential, and has a genuine passion for the professional development of high potential women. Women like you.

This program aims to support and help YoPros navigate and accelerate their career journey. Topics of discussion will include: Imposter Syndrome, Values & Authenticity-Building Your Brand, Conflict Management, Leadership Through Influence, and several more.