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WIT Girl of the year

Medinah Allah is a high school sophomore and Lead Engineer of the all-girl robotics team that she started, EVE (Engineering Vigorously Everyday). In this role Medinah is responsible for leading her team’s design, build and programming efforts for the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. EVE competes annually with other teams from around the Metro-Atlanta area. Since starting Team EVE, Medinah has been at the forefront of the team’s community outreach with a focus on getting more girls involved in STEM. She has mentored another all-girl robotics team: QueenBots; Co-wrote a children’s book about a girl who wants to join a robotics team titled, #girlsLOVErobots; She has showcased the team and their robots to 8,000 people in 2018 alone! In addition to EVE, Medinah holds the Systems Design position on another robotics team, Reboot. She is also a Girl Scout and WIT Girl. When she’s not building robots, Medinah also enjoys painting, photography, running and learning American Sign Language. Medinah plans to study Mechatronics or Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, she is most interested in producing First Responder robots. “I want to engineer purposeful robots” -Medinah A. Allah

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