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It takes Diversity to Build Diversity

WIT Career ConneXions is changing the trajectory for hiring women in the workplace by partnering with the right forward-thinking organizations to create learning and working environments where women thrive. 

Traditional staffing methods are not working for women especially for those women returning to the workforce, just graduating from college or are trained but have no experience.

  • Women that have left the workforce to take care of their families do not have traditional resumes or LinkedIn profiles that can prevent them from getting the job interview.
  • Job Boards are no longer effective. You have to know someone to get the interview.
  • Job descriptions are requiring a minimum of 3-5 years experience in a technology job which eliminates those that are just graduating from college or those that do not have the hands-on experience.
  • Automated tools that companies use to screen applications are filtering out people that do no have experience required in the job description

Whether you are a company looking for women technology talent or you are that woman looking for a career, WIT Career ConneXions can make this happen for you.

  • Are you looking for women technologist?

  • Are you looking to hire diverse talent?

  • Are you a job seeker looking for a job?

  • Are you a job seeker looking for a job?

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