What is WIT Career ConneXions?

Did you know there are currently 21,586 cyber security job openings in Georgia alone? Did you know that Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst salaries currently range between $57,000 – to top performers making $133,500 annually across the United States?

WIT is closing the talent gap for women in technology through WIT Career ConneXions in partnership with Emory University.

This program plans to change the trajectory for training and hiring women by partnering with the right forward-thinking companies who believe there is more to a person’s talent than a 4-year degree.

We understand there are women who have nontraditional backgrounds, some have left the workforce to care for their families and these companies want to work with them to create learning and working environments where they can thrive. 

Whether you have a four-year degree or not, whether you have technical skills or not, our mission is to train, promote, and advance all women everywhere in rewarding technology careers.

If you are like so many women, you may be late in starting your career. You may have taken a career break to care for your family and are now faced with the difficult challenge of figuring out how to find a job. Do you find that you are not qualified for the jobs that you need to have and the only jobs you can take pay minimum wage?

If this sounds like you, know that WIT CAREER CONNEXIONS is here to help. 

Through WIT Career ConneXions, we can accelerate your progress with getting a job through our hands-on technology training through one of the most prestigious universities in the US, Emory University. 

We have already changed the lives of so many women and we know we can do the same for you. Read some of our testimonials.



WIT Career ConneXions offers technology training from the comfort of your home. There is no previous experience or knowledge in technology required. Our training programs provide you with highly valued technology expertise sought out by hundreds of industries worldwide.

Technology Fundamentals – Technology for Beginners

WIT, in partnership with Emory University, has developed a specialized course just for women that offers a quick and affordable pathway to learn the fundamentals (the basics) of technology.  This course will serve as a prerequisite for technology beginners entering into the Cyber Security or Data Analytics courses offered by WIT Career ConneXions.  Whether you need a refresher course or are new to the world of technology, this course will teach you all that you need to know.

Class Dates:

Class 1: June 4 – July 23, 2022 (+1 week for 4th July Holiday)

Class 2: Oct 8 – Nov 19, 2022

Data Analytics 

Demand for knowledgeable data analytics professionals currently outweighs the supply, meaning that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions. With technology reaching new heights and a majority of the population having access to an internet connection, there’s no denying that Big Data and data analytics have become hot topics in recent years – and a growing need. According to IBM, the number of jobs for data professionals in the U.S will increase to 2,720,000 by 2020.

Class Dates:

Class 1: April 23 – July 16, 2022 (+2 weeks for Memorial Day & 4th July Holidays)

Class 2: July 30 – Oct 15, 2022 (+1 week for Labor Day Holiday)


Cyber Security talent gaps exist across the country. Companies are actively seeking Cyber Security professionals across all industries and sizes. This includes companies like Google, Microsoft, Equifax, Amazon, and many more.

The opportunity is massive in both Atlanta, Georgia, and globally. According to research from cyberseek.org, in Georgia alone, there are currently over 21,868 open Cyber Security roles with a very low supply of people that are skilled to fill these positions.

Class Dates:

Class 1: April 23 – July 23, 2022 (+2 weeks for Memorial Day and 4th July Holidays)

Class 2: Aug 13 – Nov 5, 2022 (+1 week for Labor Day Holiday)

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