Sponsor Highlight: Primerica

WIT Campus is proud to partner with sponsors who help promote our mission in providing college women with opportunities to explore and experience careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Through events, mentorships, workshops, scholarships, and more, these sponsors help make our mission come to life. 

This past year, WIT Campus, in partnership with Primerica, conducted a three-part virtual series focused on API. Students not only gained an exclusive educational experience by attending these events, but they were also given the opportunity to be considered for a summer internship with Primerica. 

We are so proud of all WIT Campus students who participated in the API Event Series, but would like to specifically congratulate and highlight the hard work of Ms. Olubukola Ajayi and Ms. Jamilah Franklin for being offered paid internships this past summer with Primerica.

During her internship, Olubukola was part of Primerica’s Data Management team, where she learned Power BI reporting and was given assignments to create reporting dashboards. These dashboards will be used by the Data Management team at Primerica for data migration. Olubukola was also part of scrum calls, where she was exposed to various technologies and challenges in the corporate world. In addition, Olubukola was introduced to QA, where she had a walkthrough with the QA Manager and QA Lead and learned about concepts and the importance of testing, where she specifically gained experience in exploratory testing.

Olubukola elaborated on her responsibilities, stating that she “learned how to use Power BI desktop for interactive visualizations, effectively manage and use information, look for patterns, understand database design concepts and being able to participate in short and long-term planning about database projects.” 

Jamilah joined the IVR Team for her internship, where she worked on migration and enhancements for Primerica’s IVR workflow documents, ranging from Jazz RTC to Confluence. Here, she developed hands-on experience and a firm understanding of how IVR’s are designed and work. Jamilah was not only exposed to technologies used in IVR’s, but also to DevOps pipelines and tools. The documentation created by Jamilah is extremely valuable and will be a resource for both the IVR team and the entire business as a reference for when enhancements and changes need to be introduced. 

When asked what her favorite part of the internship was, Jamilah responded, “My favorite thing about being an intern is that I was able to learn tons of information about how phone systems are developed and how they operate. I have always been on the customer end of the IVR system. This internship allowed me to be on the developer side of the system.

During their summer internships, both Olubukola and Jamilah participated in virtual team-building activities and were introduced to the Primerica team on their IT fireside chat. At the end of their internships, the students presented their work to Primerica’s Senior Executives. It was said that they did an amazing job presenting and were very appreciated during their time with Primerica. 

After completing their internship, we asked both students for words of encouragement for their fellow WIT Campus students:

I would like to encourage other WIT Campus members to embrace the various opportunities available during the semester by attending career fairs and other events to network with great companies that will be present during these events. You will meet with recruiters from these companies, which will give you an edge in your job search.” – Olubukola

Being an intern allows you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class to real world situations. Listen and soak in all the information that you can. Be open to constructive criticism. Collaborate. Network. Be a team player. If you have questions, ask. Most importantly, put your best foot forward so that you will leave a lasting impression with the employer.” – Jamilah

WIT Campus is extremely grateful to Primerica, and their wonderful team of employees and volunteers, for their support in our mission, and for the opportunities they have provided for our students.

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