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Roketa Johnson

Rachel Bagnell

Director of Transformation, Risk Management at ADP

WIT Volunteer Spotlight 

  • Hometown: Sugar Hill, GA since 2011
  • Volunteer Position at WIT? Senior Director, WIT Campus
  • How long have you volunteered for WIT?: 5+ years; 3 years in a role with WIT Campus

Supporting WIT…

Why did you start volunteering with WIT?

I actually became involved with WIT as a company sponsor. My relationship with WIT in that capacity lasted a few years. Once I was able to volunteer, I jumped in with both feet and started in my WIT Campus role. 

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with WIT?

For me, WIT Campus is meaningful because I am a first-generation college graduate. Not only was I the first to graduate from college in my family, but I was the first to go to college at all. As a first-generation college student, I know what it’s like to not have family and friends to turn to for guidance. I want to help support college students who may have the same challenge that I faced. It’s so rewarding to see that they find comfort and support with the WIT Campus program. They also find lifelong friendships and mentors which provides the ongoing “sisterhood” we can all thrive in. 

What is your favorite program / event within WIT?

Well, I am of course going to say WIT Campus! Outside of WIT Campus, I very much enjoy both signature events (WIT Connect and WIT WOTY) because they recognize and reward females in STEAM. 

About our Volunteer…

What about you…What would you like to share that people may not know?
I have two beautiful children! Our son, Evan is 13 (almost 14) and our daughter, Brooke is 10. 

What experience in your life made you a stronger person?  
I’m the youngest of 4 kids and was raised by a working single mom. She’d work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. She’d also move to where the work was. So, between K-12th grade, I went to 13 different schools. As a child, I learned the value of hard work…and how to quickly make new friends. This experience really shaped who I am as a person and I’m so grateful that the challenges I faced growing up I can now pass along as life lessons to my children. 

What 3 traits define you?  
Tenacity, confidence, and trustworthiness (I always keep my word)