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Message from Penny Collins

President & CEO
Women in TechnologyTM

Congratulations on  being selected to interview for the WIT Single Mothers’ Program.  You are one step closer to a journey that will change your life and the life of your child(ren).  We feel so blessed and honored to work with amazing partners that enable us to offer this once in a lifetime program to you.

The following information is to guide you through your interview process and provides information on how to connect virtually to those that will be interviewing you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Tina Litzenberger at

Thanks and I wish you all the best.


Single Mothers’ Program Candidate Interviews

Welcome to the Fall 2022 WIT Single Mothers’ Program Candidate Interviews.  The following provides instructions for how to join the interview rooms virtually.

  • Each of you will be interviewed  by 3 different groups of industry experts
  • There will be 3 virtual Interview Rooms
  • Tina Litzenberger has emailed to you your interview schedule that includes which interview room you need to enter at each hour
  • To get started, please click on the button below called “Join Single Mothers’ Program Candidate Interviews”
  • Once selected, you will be taken to a page that looks like the following (move the platform picture up)
  • Look at your interview schedule and 5 minutes before your allotted time, please join your scheduled interview room by clicking on the room name
  • You will be taken to a browser that will open up Zoom.  Follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Each room has a moderator that will admit you into the room once the judges are ready to begin

Interviewing Groups

Group 1:  Hamid Arjmand and Patti Dismukes
Group 2:  Elizabeth Schell and Tina Litzenberger
Group 3: Jenifer Parrington and Danielle Hall


Hamid Arjmand

Emory Continuing Education

Patti Dismukes

Cognizant Softvision
Director, Sales
WIT Board President

Elizabeth Schell

State Farm
Digital Analytics – Technology Leader
Product, Project & Program Management
Agile Enthusiast

Tina Litzenberger

Women in Technology
VP, WIT Career ConneXions (WCC) Program Office & Single Mothers’ Program

Jenifer Parrington

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Danielle Hall

International Market Centers
Vice President of IT, Backoffice and Operations Applications

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