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WIT Her Story: Pratiksha Khadka

Meet Pratiksha Khadka.

I am originally from a third-world country, Nepal. I came from a poor family where my dad worked 7 days a week for years to provide for his family and send his children to good schools. This, however, came with a price. The price was being constantly bullied at the school by students, teachers, and even the principal. I was not a bright student and I would often not finish my homework.

As a result, instead of providing me with assistance, I was called stupid, dumb, useless, and discouraged to the point where I really thought I was worthless. I was accused of things that were untrue & baseless. I was continuously limited from opportunities by the same teachers & principal and was often physically beaten by them. Nobody should be treated in such a manner, but in this part of the world, there were no rules. There was no concept of mental health and everyone was supposed to learn at the same rate.

Little did I know back then that I was actually not stupid, but just needed extra assistance and a little encouragement. It was after coming to the United States for my undergraduate when I gained confidence. The professors and people around me were so motivating and it was okay to make mistakes. I became more vocal, empowered, and received top marks in all of my classes. I ended up receiving many awards & scholarships, including Who’s Who among students in American Universities. I also placed 2nd during the largest MBA case competition in the country. Additionally, I work in a field that my younger self would have never even tried to get into.Working in tech is liberating because tech connects people all around the world. When I started working as a UX/UI designer, it was a pretty new concept, but now it is an integrated part of all the tech-related platforms. Being a project manager has given me a chance to work and collaborate with cross-functional teams and learn so much about the different moving parts of digital projects and technology while building diverse skill sets. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be in the same career field? 

Always believe in yourself because you can achieve anything you want. Technology is constantly changing & evolving so being in the field, you need to have a mindset that you will be a student forever as you all always have to learn and find ways to grow to be relevant. And most importantly, make sure to do what you love and not just follow the trend or the money.   


This photo was taken during my first week as a Digital Project Manager at Toolbox No.9. The company I work for specializes in UX & UI design and front-end development. They truly care for all of their employees, going as far as allowing our fur babies in the office. The pup you see in the photo is my girl named Smooch.

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