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WIT Her Story: Catherine De Mesa

Meet Catherine De Mesa.

Catherine is a future cybersecurity professional with multiple student scholar awards who aims to help bring unique solutions to the IT Space and combat Women in Tech pipeline issues.

She has worked as a web developer for Tranz Business Center, a Support Intern for Trill Project, and has won numerous student scholar awards from Buzzer, Opportunity Hub, and AnitaB.

As a young security professional, Catherine has been the first women in Cybersecurity featured on Wit-ORG Philippines’ blog ,which aims to help combat negative stereotypes of women in tech.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be in the same career field? 

Always believe in yourself because you can achieve anything you want. Technology is constantly changing & evolving so being in the field, you need to have a mindset that you will be a student forever as you all always have to learn and find ways to grow to be relevant. And most importantly, make sure to do what you love and not just follow the trend or the money.   


I was a member of CRU (and many other clubs now,) during my early college days. This is a group picture of all of us – I am in the purple shirt in the front!

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