WIT Connect 2023: Amazon Music Executive Auction Experience

Enjoy Happy Hour  with leaders from Amazon Music!

You’ll get a chance to join in on great fun,  food, and lots of one on one conversations.

  • Amazon Music Platform – Personalization and app development
  • Amp on Amazon – A live radio social media app where anyone can host a radio talk and play music

Charlotte Barge
Head of Engineering, Amp at Amazon

Charlotte loves a hodgepodge of things including golf, pickleball, true crime, and travel.

Gary Kamikawa
Head of Engineering, Cross-channel personalization & Growth

Gary is involved in all things swimming from competing, coaching, officiating, and President of a league of 26 teams.

Shobha Shivaiah
Software Development, Amp at Amazon

Shobha loves her work, friends and family; Passionate about community activities around women/girls; loves watching shows on Netflix/Amazon Prime while cooking; techie at heart.

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