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intro to html & css

Presented by General Assembly

Title: April Fundamentals: Intro to HTML & CSS

Date: May 18

Time: 5:30PM-8:00PM

Price: $5



Meet the programming languages that power the web, and write your first line of code! During this workshop, you’ll explore the building blocks of the web – HTML and CSS – and learn how you can apply these programming languages to develop your own simple sites. You’ll learn how HTML and CSS function together to form the backbone of the web and cover key coding terms and principles.

This class is great for designers looking to begin building coded prototypes using HTML and CSS, marketers who want to create their own landing pages from scratch, and managers with no background in tech who want to develop a vocabulary for working with front-end web developers.

This course was created with beginners in mind. A computer with strong access to the internet is required for this workshop.