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The WIT Campus + Optiv Hackathon held on March 4th  provided students an opportunity to explore aspects of information security and showcase their hacking skills!  There were over 100 participants across 8 colleges competing in a series of Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges involving Web, Crypto, PWN, Reversing, and even Forensics. 


    Congratulations to our hackathon winners!
    1st place: Cyber Chasers at Georgia State University
    2ndplace: WITS for BITS  at Georgia State University
    3rd place: Cyber Dames at Middle Georgia State University
    4th Place: Beary Best Hackerrs
    Teamwork Award: Diana Parales
    Creativity Award: Jasmine Hill
    During the Hackathon, participants shared what they enjoyed most; learning and working with their teams and the capture the flag challenges.  The Optiv participants also shared they valued meeting the amazing women in technology across universities in Georgia and watching the scoreboard and CTF leader change throughout the day. 

    One Optiv participant shared, “Watching the Georgia Tech team (the Yellow Hackets) was inspiring. I participated in the hackathon despite having mid-term exams the same day. A member of the team would come into the room after her exam and another would have to leave to take hers. Despite this handicap, the team was dedicated to finishing strong through collaboration and sheer determination. It was if they were changing shifts at a SOC, performing turnover with the next crew coming online.”

    Interested in participating in our next hackathon? Be sure to stay up to date on our WIT Campus Events.