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Roketa Johnson

Kristen DuPree

Graphic Designer at Intradiem

WIT Volunteer Spotlight 

  • Hometown: Cedartown, GA
  • Volunteer Position at WIT? WIT Campus – Manager, Communications & Marketing
  • How long have you volunteered for WIT?: Going on 2nd year

Supporting WIT…

Why did you start volunteering with WIT?

Within my career, I have mostly been designing for the tech industry. This experience and along with my passion for serving the community, I was elated to find WIT to offer my skills and support.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with WIT?

WIT Campus is near and dear to my heart as I wish I had the experience of a mentoring group to help boost my future career when I was in college. Providing young people with hope, information, and encouragement is also instrumental in building our WIT community.

What is your favorite program / event within WIT?

I really enjoy the Forum events with the many different backgrounds of the panelists. While I enjoy volunteering for this event, I also appreciate being able to hear and learn from the many thought leaders in the Atlanta area. I walk away each time with inspiration and the drive to continue to impact the WIT community.

About our Volunteer…

What 3 traits define you? Humble, Creative, Loyal

What is the best place you have traveled to? St. Thomas sailing around Virgin Islands on a Catamaran for a week

What is your favorite word/phrase/quote? “Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue”