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Immersion Experiences provide a hands-on opportunity for WIT Girls to immerse themselves into a particular role to solve a problem or work as a part of a team. During their visit to Greenlight, one of our sponsor companies, the girls were presented with a unique opportunity to create their own startup. They not only taught the girls about the various industry terms and concepts but also provided them with valuable insights into entrepreneurship. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in an Atlanta area company!

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Ignite the Future of STEAM with EarthLink

As part of our engagement with EarthLink, the girls were given the opportunity to shadow one department of EarthLink, where they gained insights into various aspects of the company’s operations. They had the chance to closely observe the workings of departments such as Chat & Digital Automation, BI Reporting, Marketing, Sales, and Training. During their time there, they were able to learn about what each of these departments do on a day-to-day basis, and how they contribute to the overall functioning of the company. The girls then put together a group project that showcased their learnings about these STEAM fields, highlighting the key takeaways from their time spent at EarthLink.


Hacking 101 with Rollins

Rollins introduced WIT Girls into the world of hacking and threat prevention. During the event, they were exposed to the inner workings of penetration testing and learned about the tactics and techniques used by ethical hackers to thwart external cyber threats!


Craft Your Vision Board with VMware

The group of girls worked together to create a vision board that depicted their ambitious aspirations for the future. They envisioned themselves as powerful and successful individuals, and with the help of the innovative leaders at VMware, they put their dreams and goals on paper, taking the first step toward realizing their full potential.


Workshops with Primerica

Our Primerica Halloween Event was a huge success with an attendance of more than 50 girls. The event was a great opportunity for our WIT Girls to learn new skills through several workshops, such as Email Phishing, Kill Chain, SQL Injection, URL Hijacking, and DDOS. In addition to the technical workshops, the girls also had a chance to showcase their creativity through pumpkin painting and a costume contest!

Girl Sponsors

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