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Cox Distributed the Funded Equipment for the 2024 SMP Class

On a bright and optimistic day in June of 2024, Cox once again demonstrated its unwavering support for the Single Mothers’ Program (SMP) by distributing essential equipment to the current SMP class. This event marked another milestone in Cox’s commitment to empowering single mothers through education and professional development.

More Than Just An Equipment Distribution 

This event was a celebration of new beginnings for the single mothers entering the SMP program. Thanks to the generous contributions from Cox, each mom felt welcomed and supported. The backpacks filled with goodies and essential equipment provided practical tools and a sense of belonging and encouragement.

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Cox Team

The Cox team’s involvement doesn’t stop at equipment distribution. Their ongoing commitment includes exploring additional ways to support the SMP participants, such as the potential for space accommodations for the program, and their continued support for initiatives like the WIT Closet. Additionally, Cox hosted the SMP Buddy Meet & Greet event, further demonstrating their dedication to the program. We have written a detailed piece on this event, which you can read here (will link to above blog when postd).

We thank Cox Communications for their continued support and dedication to the Single Mothers’ Program. With their partnership, we look forward to many more successful events and positive impact on the lives of single mothers.

The Importance of the Single Mothers Program

The SMP program is dedicated to providing single mothers with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to succeed. By distributing equipment and offering continuous support, Cox plays a crucial role in helping these women build better futures for themselves and their families. The equipment, refurbished and prepared by Inspiredu, a proud partner of the WIT Single Mother Program, enhances the participant’s ability to engage in the program fully, ensuring they have what they need to thrive academically and professionally. By funding all the necessary equipment, including laptops, Cox has relieved the single mothers of the financial burden to provide their own devices.

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