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    Campus Mentorship Program


The Campus Next Level Up™ Mentorship Program offered by WIT is a unique program developed by Women In Technology focused on high potential college women talent who are seeking to cultivate their academic careers and capacity as leaders. The program is carefully designed to prepare, promote, and mentor women and support their personal and professional development. It is the perfect opportunity to help women build powerful networks, enhance professional relationships and contribute to the effective planning of their careers in preparation for entering the workforce. 

Program Goals

The Campus Next Level Up™ Mentoring Program is a 6-week program (February-March) offering a platform for students to dig into their strengths, identify opportunities for growth and develop their path. 

    • The program will consist of recurring mentorship meetings and networking opportunities. 
    • The goal is for the relationship to become mutually beneficial, lending exclusive insight and perspective to, and from, both sides. 


  • “I truly enjoyed the exposure to the professional environment in a non-threatening way and the openness of communication with my mentor.”

  • The experience left us all feeling inspired, driven, and appreciated. We were given the opportunity to ask real questions in a welcoming environment. I hope other mentees were able to experience something similar to what we did.”

  • “The program was well thought out, very professional and I’m grateful to have gained a new mentor in the process. WIT did an amazing job in the selection of Mentors. The opening and closing events were also outstanding.”

  • “I enjoyed seeing a glimpse into the future of what I seek to pursue, knowing that it is possible and has been achieved by someone like me.”

  • “I enjoyed the relationships that I built while in this program and the woman speakers that talked to the groups about their own personal journey in the workforce.”

  • “All I can say is that I have a clearer vision of what I want to do after college.” 

  • “My mentor helped me understand that just because your getting your degree for a specific field doesn’t mean you have to stick to that career path.” 

  • “Some key takeaways that I have taken from the group is the way we are to hold ourselves accountable for the task that we would like to complete. In this group I was able to learn how to properly structure my goals and plan them out throughout my schedule. I was also able to learn some cool tips to keep in mind when completing a linked in account profile to find the proper employers that you would like to get in contact with.” 

    Program Benefits

    Mentee Program Benefits:

    • Connect with small group of your peers
    • Connect with a female professional in a S.T.E.A.M career
    • Gain technical / educational skills
    • Enhance soft skills

    Mentor Program Benefits:

    • Connect with small group students in S.T.E.A.M
    • Opportunity to coach students
    • Share your technical/educational skills
    • Help students enhance their soft skills

    Criteria for the program

    Who should participate?


    • Member of WIT Campus Club 
      • If not a member of a WIT Campus Club, must be a full-time college student enrolled in STEAM-related program at a college/university in the state of Georgia. 
    • Commit to 3-6 hours of mentoring sessions 
    • Commit to attending the kick-off and closing events (approximately 2 hours each)* 
      • *Virtual attendance option will be available for those students: 
        • Who attend WIT Campus Clubs that are at least 60 miles away from Atlanta

    *If you are a member of an existing WIT Campus Club, please contact your Executive Board and/or Faculty Advisor for details and a link to apply. If you do not know who to contact, please contact

    *If you are not a member of a WIT Campus Club and you are a college student in the state of Georgia, please contact for information about the program and to get a link to the application.


    • Employee of WIT Campus sponsor company
    • Commit to participate in virtual mentoring sessions (approx. 3-6 hours of mentoring sessions as determined by the mentoring circle)
    • Commit to attending the kick-off and closing events (approximately 2 hours each)
    Campus Sponsors

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