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WIT Campus Next Level Up™ Mentorship Program


The Campus Next Level Up™ Mentorship Program offered by WIT is a unique program developed by Women In Technology focused on high potential college women talent who are seeking to cultivate their academic careers and capacity as leaders. The program is carefully designed to prepare, promote, and mentor women and support their personal and professional development. It is the perfect opportunity to help women build powerful networks, enhance professional relationships and contribute to the effective planning of their careers in preparation for entering the workforce. 

Program Goals

The Campus Next Level Up™ Mentoring Program is a 6-week program (September and February) offering a platform for students to dig into their strengths, identify opportunities for growth and develop their path. 

    • The program will consist of recurring mentorship meetings and networking opportunities. 
    • The goal is for the relationship to become mutually beneficial, lending exclusive insight and perspective to, and from, both sides.