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Briana Daugherty

Employment Brand Strategist, Cox Enterprises

WIT Volunteer Spotlight

  • Hometown: Metro Atlanta
  • Volunteer Position at WIT? Campus Manager for Georgia Southern University
  • How long have you volunteered for WIT?: This will be my 4th year volunteering for WIT as a campus manager for Georgia Southern

Supporting WIT…

Why did you start volunteering with WIT?

I’ll never forget how I first heard about WIT; I was asked to work on an internal communications announcement for an HR leader at Cox Automotive who had just been named to the WIT Board of Directors. I remember reaching out to her to build out this exciting announcement to share her story with our employees. She was an inspiration to many employees at Cox – including myself—and I knew by her involvement in WIT, it had to be a great cause. I visited the WIT website, registered to attend a volunteer information session, and here we are four years later, still enjoying WIT!

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with WIT (Program you are volunteering for… ex: WIT Girls, Campus, Careers, YoPros and Events (Forums, Socials, Signature Events)?

To pick up from the story above, when I attended the volunteer session the presenter shared some incredible statistics about the WIT organization and all of the programs that they have successfully launched. What caught my attention was their desire to build awareness of this organization with local universities through the WIT Campus program. As a proud alumna from Georgia Southern University (at the time I was 1 year out of school), I believed that if I joined WIT Campus, I could help the college women of Georgia Southern have access to opportunities that I didn’t have while I was in school. Fast forward to today, and these last four years have been so rewarding for me, I have been able to make great relationships with all of the WIT Campus students and faculty advisor. I make trips to Georgia Southern regularly to visit the students, mentor them, and in return, I have been blessed to learn so much from these women, too. Even after the ladies have graduated from school, we keep in touch and it’s even more rewarding to watch them build careers and grow into leadership roles at great companies.

What is your favorite program / event within WIT?

My favorite event – by far is the opening event for WIT Campus students. The event is sponsored by a Fortune 500 company and technology executives take the time to present helpful information to our college women. It’s the ultimate way to kick off the year for the women who are new to WIT campus club or returning from previous years. I especially enjoy seeing my ladies show up ready to learn and network – it is incredible to watch their momentum throughout the year.

About our Volunteer…

What about you…What would you like to share that people may not know?

Outside of my full-time job, I also lend my talents as a career storyteller and personal branding coach for I create resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, mock interviews and more. I have built my business by faith and enjoy serving hundreds of clients across the US and Canada.

What would be the title of your biography?

I chose to answer this question because on the weekends – my jam is to binge watch great movie titles or documentaries. If I named the title of my biography it would be Why Not Me? It would feature authentic testimonies from my life of everyday miracles that I have experienced by pushing past fear and stepping out on faith.

What is your favorite place to eat?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite place or restaurant to eat. I do enjoy however any meal with sweet potatoes, pancakes on the weekends, and Oreos and peanut butter for a “cheat day” snack.

What is your favorite word/phrase/quote?

Yaaassss, God is good!”