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Women in Technology (WIT) is providing a Cybersecurity Certificate program to benefit adult single mothers, living in poverty, interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) workforce education and employment, and are looking to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their children.

The Cybersecurity Educational Program for Single Mothers’ overall goal is to support single mothers (in Georgia) living in poverty who are in college and/or working and have a foundational understanding of technology, to work with WIT and our program partners to be educated in Cybersecurity and Information Security, one of the fastest growing fields in technology with an astounding workforce gap and shortage of talent amongst men and women.

The Cybersecurity Educational Program for Georgia Single Mothers will offer the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Information Security to change or further their career path in STEAM. Once the participant has earned the Cybersecurity Certificate from the program, WIT will provide job placement support for the top 50% ranked students

WIT Single Mothers’ Program Sponsorship Opportunites

Benefits of Sponsorship Doctorate Sponsor
Master's Sponsor
Baccalaureate Sponsor
Scholar Sponsor
Graduation Sponsor
(2 available per class)
Book Sponsor
(1 available per class)
Workshop Sponsor
(1 available per class)
Equipment Sponsor
(1 available per class)
Employee resource Group Program
(available only as an add on to Doctorate, Masters, or Baccalaureate)
Program Involvement
Opportunity to participate in the interviewing process to select candidates for this program X X
Opportunity to mentor X X X X X X X
Opportunity to hire Single Mothers 5 3 2 1
Opportunity to be a speaker at a single mother’s event X
Presenter at Graduation Ceremony X
Tickets to attend graduation 3 2 1 1 2 1 1
Have WIT Office team member and one of our SMP Graduates come in person or virtually to a ERG event to talk about SMP, engagement, the impact, how it changes lives X
Schedule a volunteer workshop event with company ERG to partake in one of the SMP programming activities: Resume reviews, LI profile review/recommendations, graduation celebration pack assembly, encouragement letter, writing campaign, other X
Opportunity to attend/assist with in-person Single Mother events during a semester (Equipment Distribution/Meet & Greets) X
Opportunity to hand out equipment for 1 class X
Logging of philanthropy hours towards annual company goals X
Investment covers: tuition, childcare, lunch, professional development workshops, transportation, laptops, & books for Single Mothers 5 Single Mothers 3 Single Mothers 2 Single Mothers 1 Single Mother
Investment covers the cost associated for 30 Single Mothers graduating from the program - Venue, programs, Cap & Gown, WIT SWAG, certificate, etc. X
Investment covers the Cyber and IT Fundamentals books for 30 Single Mothers X
Investment covers the cost for 30 single mothers to participate professional development /leadership workshop X
Investment covers necessary computer equipment to take the courses for 30 single mothers X
Investment covers WIT costs for planning, oversight, logistics, and materials for each event X
Increase ERG participation and employee engagement X
Brand Awareness
Company logo on SMP webpage and linked to company website, receives upwards of 20,000+ views per year X X X X X X X X
Executive quote and company boilerplate within 1 WIT In The News Article with distribution on social media channels and placement on WIT website. *WIT has more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn alone X X
Company boilerplate within 1 WIT In The News Article with distribution on social media channels and placement on WIT website. *WIT has more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn alone X
1 highlight article in the WIT Newsletter featuring the ERG event X
Logo placement on 10+ pieces of event collateral utilized throughout the semester X
Logo placement a kick-off event and book distribution X
Logo placement at Graduation X
Logo collateral on graduation gift packs (optional) X
Logo placement at workshop event X
Exclusive Social Media Posts highlighting your company and its sponsorship of the SMP Program. *WIT has more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn alone 3 2 1 1
1 Social Media Posts highlighting your company and its sponsorship of the SMP Program and upcoming ERG event. *WIT has more than 300,000 followers on LinkedIn alone X
Post event social media post by WIT recapping the event, thank you post X
Brand recognition for all impact offerings (ex, lunch funding/transportation, etc.) X
Recognition at equipment distribution X
Company Feature Videos promoting your company brand along with your partnership of the SMP Program 2 1
WIT Marketing Department creates 1-2 pieces of custom collateral branded with your company design for internal/external use X
Once your company hires graduates of the program, additional social media campaigns are created to promote company brand and initiatives X
Ability to submit company articles/news for WIT to cross-promote across social media pages X

Want to find out more about partnering with WIT?

Please contact:
Kyle Ross
SVP, Partnerships
Women In Technology
Tel: (470) 222-8413 – Email:

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