A New Start for Our Single Mother Graduates

Women In Technology (WIT) is incredibly excited to announce that all graduates of the Single Mothers Program who were in need of job placement are now working throughout the technology field. 

Throughout the 12-Week Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers, these women worked closely with WIT and our program partners to earn a Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Information Security Certificate of Completion from Emory University

The WIT Single Mothers Program not only provides single mothers with the opportunity to further their education, but also allows them the chance to start a new career in STEAM. In addition, WIT is proud to provide a community of women mentors who work to support our single mothers throughout the entire duration of the program. 

“I have been involved in adult education and technology training for more than 10 years but have never been quite so blessed by a group of students with as much passion and enthusiasm about their future,” said Hamid Arjmand, Professional Development Manager at Emory University. “These amazing graduates have overcome challenges and championed – opening new pathways to success for themselves and their families.”

Kelly Gilbert, who recently accepted a new job as a Security Compliance Analyst at Equifax, shares how she found community through the program. 

“Prior to me hearing about WIT, I had just become a single mom and was suffering from postpartum depression and quit my job due to the lack of support I had in Atlanta.” 

“Now,” Kelly tells us,“This program has surrounded me with other phenomenal moms who experience other challenges like me and we are able to complete this program together.”

WIT is committed to guiding and mentoring our participants to grow in their careers by offering playbook skills and training women how to level up their careers and lives.

In addition, we provide free of charge wrap-around support, including transportation services, childcare and development services, meals during class and laptops for skilling and course work.

Bernice Stevens, newly employed as a Software Engineer at Macy’s Technology, shares the impact of the program on her life.

“Finding the WIT program came at such a critical point in my life,” Stevens tells us. “Being in this program and learning the essentials of cybersecurity has given me a drive and sense of eagerness.”

Arielle Amey, Security Issues & Deviations Analyst at Equifax, shares what she gained from the program.

“We are gaining more than a certification from this program. It is helping us expand in all aspects of life, to be honest. We have been able to meet such great leaders who not only tell us they want the best for us but show us.”

Not only did all graduates in need of employment get new jobs, several newly placed moms even doubled their incomes! 

“We are incredibly proud of these wonderful women who worked tirelessly to earn their Cyber Security Certificate from Emory University, said Penny Collins, President and CEO of Women In Technology. “Their journeys have been challenging, and their drive to improve their lives and to thrive is nothing short of inspirational. We want to thank our WIT partners for their tremendous support which helps make our Single Mothers Program possible.”

It’s an honor to congratulate the Spring 2021 Single Mothers Program Graduates as they embark upon their new STEAM careers. 

Kelsey Williams – Support Center Analyst I, Rollins

Treyana Murphy – Support Center Analyst I, Rollins

Andrene Kong – PCI Compliance Analyst I , Global Payments

Sonnia Ranguma, Information Security Specialist II, USBank

Nykera Haynes, Business Information Security Advisor I, Cox Automotive

Constance Miller, Business Information Security Advisor , Cox Automotive

Andrianna Hamwright, Software Engineer, Macy’s 

Shanina Jones, Software Engineer, Macy’s

LaShaunda Granville, Software Engineer, Macy’s

Barbara Lorraine Bedford, Software Engineer, Macy’s

Bernice Stevens – Software Engineer, Macy’s

Arielle Amey – Security Issues and Deviations Analyst, Equifax

Marilyn Scott – Security Issues and Deviations Analyst, Equifax

Kelly Gilbert – Security Compliance Analyst, Equifax

Tyana Stone – Business Operations/Project Coordinator, Equifax

WIT would also like to thank Rollins Inc, Cox Automotive, Macy’s, Global Payments, and US Bank for providing our WIT moms with new careers in cybersecurity. 

Another thank you to the incredible Single Mothers Program sponsors, thanks to your support we are able to provide these women with a fresh start in life: AT&T, COX, Honeywell, NCR Foundation, RNDC, The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, Teliax, iVision, Verizon, Warrick Dunn Family Foundation, Emory University, VWH Consulting, HUNTER Technical Resources, Sheltering Arms, Fiserv, Rollins, Wright Now Solutions, Atlanta Regional Commission (Georgia Commute Options, and Uber).

To learn more about our Single Mothers Program and the upcoming Fall class, visit mywit.org/community-impact/single-mothers-program.

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