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This position requires experience in general flavor development and creation. The candidate is expected to support development of differentiated flavor systems in the pillars of continuity, productivity, and innovation for The Company’s global beverage brands;  commercialize new flavors, and  improve existing products; collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver projects according to established timelines and budgets; communicate project updates and information to leadership; contribute to building flavor knowledge and capability for The Company.


Function Related Activities/Key Responsibilities:

• Working with internal manufacturing and the product development community to create flavor systems using various scientific applications and creative thinking.

• Managing multiple projects and executing deliverables on time and within guidelines.

• Collaboration cross-functionally within the organization to accomplish business-critical initiatives.

• Providing relevant project information and updates to leadership or other key stakeholders.

• On-going flavor capability development for self and others in the organization.

• Exemplifying The Company’s growth behaviors, being inclusive, iterative, curious, and empowered.


Education Requirements:

• Degree in Food Science, Nutrition, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biology, or another science related field required.


Related Work Experience:

• Prior flavor house experience preferred

• 2 years of experience in flavor development, creation, or analysis with Master of Science or certification.

• 5 years of experience in flavor development, creation, or analysis with a Bachelor of Science.


Functional Skills:

• Creativity, with a high level of sensory acuity (ability to taste, and smell)

• Knowledge of essential oils, flavoring chemicals, solvent systems, flavor delivery methods and other building blocks used in flavor creation

• Basic knowledge of instrumentation used in flavor development (including but not limited to gc/ms, flash point tester, pH meter, densitometer)

• General knowledge of chemistry, chemical reactions, and the application to flavor development

• Basic understanding of flavor labeling (FDA, USDA, TTB, and standard of identity), and flavor regulatory organizations

• Design, conduct and/or review flavor creation experiments (e.g., laboratory or process experiments) to deliver new, consumer preferred flavors/flavor keys for The Coca-Cola Company beverage products

• Create, develop, and evaluate/assess (e.g., through laboratory testing or sensory analysis) a working flavor prototype against technical requirements, fit to concept or performance specifications (e.g., functionality, operational feasibility, costing targets)

• Evaluate ingredient or new flavor materials, product, processes and make recommendations for optimization based on project requirements

• Apply flavor creations in simple beverage bases and assist Company product developers and quality assurance associates with flavor related issues and questions as needed.

• Participate in team projects, interdepartmental/divisional committees, or company-wide initiatives to share information, represent the department/division perspective, or assist with product development, process modification, package development and marketing.


Technical Skills:

• Flavor Creation: Knowledge of flavor compounding and flavor creation and the ability to create and apply new flavor prototypes based on product briefs

• Ingredients: Knowledge of key flavor ingredients in general and those specifically used in the production of beverage bases with special attention to citrus and terpene flavor chemistry

• Basic Product Development: Knowledge of the product development process and beverage manufacturing. Flexible and creative attitude with a strong attention to detail.

• Analytical Chemistry: Ability to utilize and apply analytical instruments to assist with flavor creation and flavor problem solving

• Moderate Computer Skills: Knowledge of Microsoft suite of programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and capable user; Knowledge of chromatography data systems.

• Building Technical Relationships: Ability to apply technical knowledge and establish credibility through written reports and oral presentations with highly technical audiences in order to build relationships that will benefit customers or the Company.

• Proprietary Composition Information: Ability to recognize and protect proprietary information as it relates to formulas and ingredients.

• Project Management: Knowledge of project management principles and the ability to apply the principles, tools, and techniques to develop/plan, manage or execute projects or work plans to ensure successful completion (e.g., on time, within budget.)



Analytical Chemistry, Communication, Creativity, Flavor Chemistry, Flavor Creation, Flavor Development, Instrumentation, Project Management, Taking Initiative, Teamwork, Technical Knowledge

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